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Over 75 percent of Americans want to be more physically fit, but only about 3 percent of them succeed. Why do so many people fail? The answer is friction, the inefficient use of time and energy. Your drive time to the gym, those 90-minute workout classes, and tedious daily calorie counting are all sources of friction, and none of them are sustainable long term.

To build healthy diet and exercise habits that will last a lifetime and enable you to achieve your goals, you must eliminate friction. Certified personal trainer Tyler Martin provides a practical and tested road map for doing exactly that.

In The Friction Factor, you will learn

  • A unique values-focused approach to setting goals and sustaining motivation
  • Tips and tricks for removing common sources of friction from your fitness routine
  • A step-by-step procedure for setting body-fat, body-weight, and muscle-development targets
  • A way to select effective exercises and build efficient workouts
  • A process for building meal plans that require minimal calorie counting

Martin makes a compelling case for how even the busiest people can make regular diet and exercise part of their everyday routine and significantly enhance their quality of life. It’s a complete integrated system for living a healthy lifestyle—for the long term.

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