Praise for The Friction Factor

“Tyler Martin has succeeded in presenting a consistent and habitual fitness and nutrition protocol that can be easily incorporated into our busy, overworked, and overwhelmed lives. Highly recommend.”
—Steven M. Nickels, DC, NMD, DACBN, DCBCN, science-based wellness and concierge physician

“Tap into high-quality motivation by identifying and transcending your friction factors. Tyler’s approach is refreshing and pragmatic. The busier you are, the more you need his book!”
—Susan Fowler, bestselling author of Master Your Motivation and CEO, Mojo Moments

The Friction Factor makes healthy living attainable with a simple system for creating sustainable changes through diet and exercise. In today’s fast-paced society where time is invaluable, he provides a clear-cut process where even the busiest people can still make impactful changes to their overall health. As a healthcare professional, I value his holistic approach that promotes rewarding longevity versus the short-lived quick fix people often look for.”
—Danielle DuPont, PT, DPT, RRS, NASM-CNC, physical therapist, Foothills Sports Medicine, Phoenix, Arizona

The Friction Factor offers practical, relatable, and real-life guidance for casting your vision and building your healthiest life habits. It offers a solid overview for how to leverage behavioral science to reduce mindset friction and to find, start, and stick to your healthiest path forward!”
—Natalie Pickering, PhD, ACC, licensed psychologist and CEO, High Places Coaching and Consulting, Inc.

The Friction Factor is an easy-to-read, educational guide to healthier living. The suggestions offered here for both exercise and nutrition seem to make practical sense for those with busy lifestyles and appear to be not very difficult to incorporate into day-to-day living, with the goal being to reduce the friction factor that many experience with more traditional exercise regimens and diet fads. This is also in alignment with a broad suggestion I use with patients—that is, to find the sticky factors that will not only allow initiation of exercise and diet modification but also promote continuation.”
—Brent E. McEntire, MD, internal medicine and pediatric physician

“Maintaining an active lifestyle and building healthy exercise habits are key to strengthening muscles and bones, improving balance and brain health, and preventing health-related issues and long-term illness. The Friction Factor offers a simple, foolproof, systematic method for even the busiest of individuals to incorporate daily exercise and make it a sustainable life habit.”
—Karen Brooks, PT, DPT, owner of Elite Physical Therapy & Fitness

“Tyler identifies and calls out a societal problem we are too busy to admit. He did his homework consolidating over 110 sources to deliver his efficient and systematic way to overcome friction in diet and exercise. This book is designed to put you in the driver’s seat to create better habits, a healthier lifestyle, and a better quality of life.”
—Thomas Vollmar, DPT, PT, OCS, orthopedic physical therapist

The Friction Factor is a great read for anyone who struggles to achieve and maintain their lifestyle goals. In addition to practical wellness tips, Tyler Martin weaves in the science of habit formation, which is essential for creating behavior changes that actually last.
—Kayla Payne, MS, health and wellness coach

The Friction Factor breaks down the overall importance of nutrition and diet as it relates to health and fitness in a very basic, straightforward, and knowledgeable way. It offers a great way to understand macronutrients and micronutrients in order to build a core meal plan to manage a well-balanced diet.”
—Mary Rodehaver, RD, MS, Manager, Profile Plan