The Fitness Calculator

Fitness Calculator Instructions

  • This calculator contains three tabs, the Fitness Goals Calculator, the Nutrition Calculator, and the Complete Goal Profile.
  • Fill out the Fitness Goals Calculator first. Your inputs on the fitness calculator are needed for the nutrition calculator and goal profile tabs to work accurately.
  • After completely filling out the Fitness Goals Calculator, move on to the Nutrition Calculator Tool tab.
  • After filling out both the Fitness Goals Calculator and the Nutrition Calculator Tool tabs, a complete analysis of your fitness profile can be viewed on the Complete Goal Profile tab.

How to use The Friction Factor Fitness Calculator

  • Start by inputting all of your current body measurements (current weight, body fat percentage, height, age, sex, and target body fat percentage). The fitness calculator will then automatically analyze and calculate your fitness metrics (lean body mass, free fat mass index, estimated muscularity, body fat category, target body weight, and required fat mass change).

How to use the Nutrition Calculator Tool

  • After you have completely filled out the Fitness Goals Calculator, move on to the nutrition Calculator Tool and fill in all of the inputs: activity level, body mass goal, daily protein intake (to maximize muscle development, men should eat 0.9 – 1.18 grams of protein per pound of LBMwomen should eat 0.82 – 1.0 grams of protein per pound of LBM), and daily fat intake.
  • Once you’ve filled in all of the inputs, the nutrition calculator will automatically calculate daily calorie targets as well as daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate targets. You can use these guidelines to begin building your own meal plan.

Using the Complete Goal Profile

  • After filling in all of the required fields on the Fitness Calculator and Nutrition Calculator tabs, go to the Complete Goal Profile tab.
  • This report will show all of your important fitness and nutritional targets in one view to help put your complete fitness plan in context.

FITNESS GOALS CALCULATOR: *FFMI = Fat Free Mass Index **Percent Body Fat Norms for Men and Women," American Council on Exercise, accessed May 4, 2021, View >.

NUTRITION CALCULATOR TOOL: *Brad Schoenfeld, Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy Second Edition (Champaign: Human Kinetics, 2021),215-217. **US Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025” 133.

COMPLETE GOAL PROFILE: *Input all your information into the Fitness Goals Calculator and the Macro Calculator Tool to see your complete goal profile.