The Friction Factor in The Midwest Book Review

The Friction Factor

Tyler Martin
Two Valleys Publishing
‎979-8986402048                     $17.95

The Friction Factor: The Busy Person's Guide to Sustainable Diet and Exercise identifies the common cause of diet failure as being one of a basic inefficient use of time and energy. This leads to problems scheduling and following through with exercise and diet regimens.

The added requirement to pack more into an already-too-busy life results in friction which drags at, limits, and ultimately can sink the best of diet and exercise hopes. The solution? Eliminate the friction component, using The Friction Factor to identify typical obstacles to diet and exercise.

Tyler Martin is a certified personal trainer who uses his expertise to craft real-world solutions to organizational dilemmas that thwart good health.

Chapters discuss the influences on making a health plan work, from knowing one's body and mental inclinations to setting attainable goals, designing workout and diet programs that work on many different levels, and making lifestyle adjustments that address the barrier of physical fitness's mandate to get and stay fit.

More than just a how-to on exercise and diet, Martin's book is a strategic assault on lethargy and ennui which advocates developing and adhering to a pattern of habits that not only support, but embrace fitness goals. The far-reaching impact of this strategy goes beyond diet and fitness, holding the opportunity to revise approaches to life: "...developing effective habits is a universal necessity for anyone seeking success in virtually any area."

Former athlete Martin is in the perfect position to explain not only the routines of perseverance, but more efficient exercises that can be done in a home gym environment, eliminating much of the need for travel elsewhere for achieving fitness goals.

The result is a "down-home" approach that promotes discipline and understanding both exercise options and the kinds of organizational and commitment routines that reinforce exercise to assure it takes a prominent, regular position in even the busiest lifestyle.

Libraries looking for fitness books that embrace lifestyle changes will find The Friction Factor an excellent choice, as perfect for discussion in fitness groups as it is useful for individual pursuit.